Markcrow Descendants

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          Children of William & Maria MARCKROW
c 1781 - 1857
William Isaac
James Larkin

Maria Ann

Mary Ann
Henry Charles
          Children of William Isaac MARKEROW
1802 - 1867
      Sarah Ann Markcrow
b 1822
Elizabeth Markcrow
b 1824

Mary Ann Markcrow
b c1827

 James Isaac

Ann Fernandez
Emma Markcrow
1832 - 1900
Married George Atkin
Edward William Markcrow
1835 - 1916
Married Matilda Bains (2nd wife)
Louisa Jane Markcrow
1836 - 1863

Henry Bonney
Georginia Markcrow b 1839    
    Children of James Isaac MARKCROW          
William Isaac 1850-1850 James Isaac   1852 - 1913 Married Bridget Moylan William Isaac 1854 - 1916
Married Harriet Pollard
1856 - 1933



Frances (Fanny)
Married Francis Thomas MacCarty
Edward William
Married Jane Clay
Florence Nightingale
1861 - 1941
Married George Fitzwilliam Young

Children of James & Bridget
James Isaac 1875-1943
Florence Ann 1876-1877
Henry William 1878-1883
Fanny Maude 1880-?
Florence May 1882-?
Frederick William 1884-1973
Mabel H 1887-?
Sydney 1889-1889
Ivy Mascotte 1894-1987

Children of William & Harriet
Edith May 1878-1952
Sydney Loftus 1880-1881
Ethel Mary 1881-1971
George Henry 1884-1936
Amelia C. (Millie) 1886-1976
Charles William 1888-1955
Sydney M 1889-?
Hercules N 1890-1890
Elizabeth M. (Maggie) 1891-1976
Frederick Robert 1893-1961
Edward Stanley 1896-1928

Children of Fanny & Francis McCarty/MacCarty
Margaret A 1886-1893
Elizabeth Beatrice 1890-?
Edward J (Ned) 1893-1968
Hilda M 1895 - ?
Elsie I G 1897-?
Margaret M 1902-?

Children of Edward & Jane
Edward Wm 1882-1891
Clara Jane 1884-1957
Frederick 1888-1895
James Isaac 1889-1890
William Isaac 1891-1908
Albert Edward 1893-1938
Fanny Georgiana 1895-?
Edward Wm 1897-?
Florence Ann 1899-?
Maggie 1901-1901
Maud Elizabeth 1902-1991
May Victoria 1905-1984

Children of Florence & George Young
Violet Pearl
George Edward 1889-1960
Alice Annie
Jack Richmond 1896-1939




 Leslie Turton5 Wood – b. 1905                  
 Descendants of William & Maria Marckrow/Markcrow/Markerow/Marcrow
William Markcrow was a journeyman boat builder according to the marriage certificate of his son William Isaac and was deceased in 1854.  I have not been able to find when Wm died however I think it may have been before 1841 as Maria was the head of the household in the census with her son Henry Charles and his wife and family living at 20 Belle Vue Street Ramsgate.
 In 1851 Maria is still living at that address, with her granddaughter Sarah, and is noted as a Lodging House Keeper and was from Margate in the Isle of Thanet, Kent.   Maria died on 2nd May 1857 at 9 Georges Place Ramsgate aged 74.  Her son Wm was the informant at her death.  Maria must have been ailing for some time as William travelled down from Hull to be with her, she died of natural decay.

William Isaac (see following)

James Larkins (see link to U K Line)

Henry Charles (see link to U K Line)

Descendants of William Isaac Markcrow
1.  WILLIAM ISAAC2 MARKEROW  (WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born 17 February 1802 in Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, and died 4 April 1867 in 15 Waverley St Hull Yorkshire, England.  The eldest of six children born to William Markerow (journeyman boat builder) and Maria ?(d 2 May 1857 Ramsgate Kent).  His siblings were James Larkin, Maria Ann, George, Mary Ann and Henry Charles.  He married widow (1) ANN COOK,  22 April 1821 in St Laurence Ramsgate Kent.  She was born 1801 in St Lawrence Kent, and died 14 August 1849 in 42 Kingston St Myton Hull.  He married (2) FANNY HODGE 1 April 1854 in St James's Church Hull 9d 285, daughter of ABRAHAM HODGE.  She was born 1801 in Exeter, Devon, and died 1875 in Caistor, Lincolnshire
  Children of WILLIAM MARKCROW and ANN COOK are:
                   i.       SARAH ANN3 MARCROW, b. Abt. 1822, Ramsgate Kent.
   Christening: 30 March 1823, St Laurence (Thanet) Kent, England
                   ii.       ELIZABETH ANN3 MARCKROW, b. Abt. 1824, Ramsgate Kent.
    Baptism: 13 March 1825, St Lawrence Ramsgate
                  iii.       MARY ANN3 MARCKROW, b. Abt. 1827, Ramsgate Kent.
    Baptism: 25 February 1827, St Lawrence Ramsgate
                 iv.       JAMES ISAAC3 MARKCROW, b. 1828, Ramsgate Kent England; d. 8 September 1906, King Edward Hospital III, Dawes Point, SYDNEY.
3.               v.       EMMA3 MARKCROW, b. 1832, Ramsgate Kent England; Christened  17 June 1832 Ramsgate Kent married George Atkin in Hull in 1866
                            d. 1900,   Age  65  Grimsby  7a 404 June Qtr 1900.
4.              vi.       EDWARD WILLIAM3 MARKCROW, b. 1835, Ramsgate Kent England; d. 1916, 339 Heneage Rd Grimsby UK.
5.             vii.       LOUISA JANE3 MARKCROW, b. 1837, Ramsgate Kent England; d. 31 October 1863, Blanket Row Hull Yorkshire
                            Christened 12 March 1837 Ramsgate Kent.
               viii.       GEORGENIA3 MARCKROW, b. Abt. 1839; m. FREDERICK GREGORY, 1895, 3rd Qtr Vol 2b 57 Hastings Sussex; b. 1849.
For information about Hull 
In 1841 the family were residing at Harbour St Ramsgate, Kent with William noted as a Publican.  It is believed that William Isaac and Ann moved to Hull in about 1843 and in 1849 were living at 42 Kingston Street Hull where Ann died on August 14th of Cholera .  In 1851 at the time of the census (30th March) William is noted as a Fishing Smack Owner and Basket Maker, had living with him 3 of his children Edward Wm 15 (Basket makers apprentice), Emma 18,  and Louisa 13 (scholar) together with a house servant and 5 fisherman's apprentices.  On April 1st 1854, William married by license in the Church of St James's to Fanny Shapley, with Emma as one of the witnesses.  Fanny was the widow of John Shapley and the daughter of Abraham HODGE (Grocer).  William's father is noted as being deceased. 
Following the marriage and prior to 2nd May 1857 (his mother Maria's death) William and Fanny moved to 15 Waverley St Hull were he lived until his tragic death at age 65 in 1867.    William was the owner of at least 3 fishing smacks one of which the Edward & Sophie ON12711 built 1840 in Rye sank off Holland on 4th May 1864.
“A History of Hull” Chapter 23. and London Times article dated Oct. 6 1863 regarding trawl and line fishing mention Wm
 “The Times”  reported that William Isaac Markcrow gave a statement at the inquiry into “the state of the British Fisheries”, at Hull. And is referred to as one of the largest smack-owners at Hull and relating that in 1843 there was only one fishing smack sailing out of Hull. Increasing over the following 20 years to no fewer than 300.   Refer to the paper on  ' The Development of the Hull Trawling Trade in the Sailing Era' article refers to Isaac Markcrow
Details of William's death appear in "The Hull News" of April 6th 1867 under the caption "FATAL ACCIDENT TO A SMACK OWNER - On Wednesday night, about seven o'clock. Wm Isaac Markcrow, fishing smack owner, was proceeding down Engine-street in his cart, when he suddenly drew up his horse to allow a vehicle to pass. In doing so his horse fell, and Mr Markcrow was thrown out of his cart and seriously injured. He died on the following day."  His death certificate states that death was due to Heart disease accelerated by an accidental fall. Lived 19 hours.

Fanny was born in 1801 in Exeter, Devon and survived William for a number of years and in the 1871 census is noted as living at 231 Freeman St Grimsby Lincolnshire, with her 10 year old grandson William Isaac Bonney, who it would appear was orphaned at age 3, following his mother Louisa's death.   Fanny died in 1875 and Wm Bonney moved to Australia.   (We would like to know when and with whom, so if you know please contact us)
In following the various members of the family through the years via the census it becomes apparent that William Isaac was well loved, as at least three of his children named sons after him.
First Child of William Isaac1
Sarah Ann2  No details to date.
Second Child of William Isaac1
Elizabeth Ann2   No details to date.
Third Child of William Isaac
Mary Ann2  No details to date
Fourth Child of William Isaac1
James Isaac2 Markcrow married Ann FERNANDEZ on 21 January 1849 in St John’s Church Parish of Liverpool, County of Lancaster, England.  At which time James was a bachelor of full age, a fishmonger living at St John’s Lane.   Ann is the daughter of Edward Fernandez (steward), she was born in Mountmellick, County Laois/Leix (formerly Queens) Ireland.   Ann was a spinster of full age living at Roe St.   Ann died on 2 May 1892 in Rockhampton QLD.  (Death registered as Markerow).   James died in Sydney in 8 September 1906.   Marriage Notes for JAMES MARKCROW and ANNE FERNANDEZ:
Marriage cert states age full. According to death certificate age at marriage 17 informant J I M1
Children of James and Ann are:
i.                     William Isaac3                         b. 1850 - d 1850
ii             James Isaac3  -                           b. 2.9.1852, St Giles in the Fields & St George, Bloomsbury   Middlesex, UK;  d. 1913 in Drummoyne, Sydney, NSW.
iii.                 William Isaac3  -                     b. 1854, Camden town Middlesex, UK;  d. 9.2.1916.
iv.           Fanny3 -                                     b. 1855; d 31.8.1856 Hull, Yorkshire, UK
v.                  Frederick3  -                                b. 6.7.1856;  d. July 1933 Granville, NSW.
vi.                 Frances3  -                                 b. 19.12.1857, Hull, Yorkshire, UK
vii.               Edward3  -                                 b. 15.12.1859, Hull, Yorkshire, UK
viii.             Florence Nightingale3  -        b. 15.5.1861, Hull, Yorkshire, UK;  d. 27.8.1941, NSW.
James and Ann  (photo of J I Markcrow II)    were living in 14 Frazier St, Lambeth, London at the time of the 1851 census, March 30th and he was noted as a Labourer.  In September the following year at the time of the birth of his son James Isaac junior he was a policeman living at 10 Clarkes Building  Bloomsbury London.  By August 1855 the family now consisting of James, Ann and two sons James Isaac and William Isaac had moved to Hull where another five children were to be born.  Fanny was born in 1855 and 11 months later on 31st August 1856 died of diarrhoea just 8 weeks after the birth of Frederick on 6th July.  What a terribly traumatic time for both parents.  On 19th December 1857 another daughter was born named Frances who was to be known in the family as Fanny.       
By the time of the 1861 census (April 7th), James and a heavily pregnant Ann were living at 12 Kingston St Myton Hull and he was a fishing smack owner employing 8 men and 12 boys, on May 15th their last child, Florence was born.   
On November 12th 1862 James was judged bankrupt, the proceedings went on for at least two years, during which time James appeared before Mr Justice Mellor on December 18th 1863 in the Midland Circuit Court at York "charged, under the provision of the Bankruptcy Act, 1861, that he, having been adjudicated a bankrupt, afterwards, with intent to defraud and defeat the rights of his creditors and to conceal the state of his affairs, parted with and destroyed certain papers, writings and documents" extract.
Item in The Times dated Dec 22, 1863 page 10 Issue 24748 Col. E
Midland Circuit, York Dec 18 Category: Law Full Text: Copyright 1863, The Times
The times 22 Dec 1863
1862,63,64 Bankruptcy articles The London Gazette
London Gazette Issue 22692 dated December 12 1862 page 37.doc
 & 1864 London Gazette   I wonder did James surrender himself on June 15th 1864 or did he do a runner.   If he did surrender himself, then he must of served a rather short prison term as he was on the ship to Australia January 1865.
The following appeared on Page 142 of the Illustrated London News of  February 11th 1865
"The ship Landsborough, 1166 tons burden, belonging to Messrs. Tike, Thackay, and Co., sailed on the 12th ult. from Gravesend, and 23rd from Plymouth, for Queensland; Captain Maxwell, commander; Surgeon-Superintendent, Dr. F. H. Scott; assisted by Mrs. Edwards, matron. The Landsborough is the forty-ninth vessel that has sailed on the land order system of emigration, under the immediate direction of the Queensland Government. She contains 317 souls, divided into paying, assisted, and free passengers, and consisting of 146 members of families, 116 single men, and 61 single females. "  One of those families was that of James and Ann Macrow as spelt on the ships manifest.
The ‘Landsborough’ arrived at and anchored in Keppel Bay, QLD on 6th May 1865, after a voyage of 103 days.   There had been no deaths or serious casualty on board. However "during the voyage about 800 cases of illness had occurred; amongst which Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Diarrhoea, and Rhuematism, were amongst the most serious, but readily yielded to medical treatment.".
 The passengers were to remain on board until Monday 8th May when arrangements were made for their transhipment on board the steamers "Boomerang" and "Yaamba" to Rockhampton which is situated on the Fitzroy River 38 mile or 60 klms upstream from its mouth on Keppel Bay .  (
The town was laid out in 1858 on Gracemere Station and its name chosen in reference to rock formations in the river and to Hampton, Eng. Proclaimed a municipality in 1860.) The single women were taken off first via the steamer "Boomerang" which docked at Rockhampton at 3pm. Whilst the remaining passengers did not arrive at the dock until 10 p.m. that night.  With the children ranging in age from James 12 down to Florence 1 week short of her 4th birthday, what a nightmare Ann must have endured that day and night.  I wonder where they stayed that night, when did they eat dinner, how long did it take to tranship?  What household goods or furniture did they bring, if any?

During the voyage  the children would have attended the school which was conducted from February 6 to April 1 on deck, weather permitting.  Included in the "Report of the Schoolmaster" is a list of participants who were awarded prizes for attention to study, good behaviour or assisting in instruction of the single girls.  William Marcrow was amongst fourteen pupils who were awarded a prize, his being "Third Book and Holy Bible" for Good Behaviour.  
 insert transcripts of report of arrival 
 James Snr was the 2nd Fisherman for Rockhampton.  James Jnr was said to be a fruit and produce dealer.  James Jnr and Edward were also champion Scullers (rowing).  James coming 4th behind the then champion of the world.
James Snr wrote a number of letters to the Capricornian regarding the state of the fishing industry.  There is also an article relating to the capture of a rather large Barramundi which he had been commissioned by the Qld Museum to do.   Stories from paper "The  Capricornian"
First Child of James Isaac2  -  WILLIAM ISAAC
The first child of James & Ann, William Isaac was born in the London registration district of Lambeth in the 1850 and was registered in the December quarter "Dec Qtr Vol 4 348 Lambeth".  William died shortly after his birth and his death is registered in the December quarter "Dec Qtr Vol 4 243 Lambeth".

Second child of James Isaac2 - JAMES ISAAC

James Isaac3 Markcrow   (James Isaac2, William Isaac1)  married Bridget MOYLAN on 22.9.1875 in the Presbyterian Church, Leichhardt St, Brisbane QLD.  She was the daughter of Michael Moylan and Hannorah Heath.  Bridget died on 10.4.1899 in Rockhampton. Stories from paper "The  Capricornian"
James then married Sarah J. Ball in 1900.  They divorced 1901-1905.  . James died in 1913
Children of James and Bridget are:
i.                     James Isaac4  -  b. 1875; d.1943 in Mosman NSW. (Full history)
ii.                   Florence Ann4  -  b. 1876; d. 16.11.1877, Rockhampton QLD.
iii.                 Henry William4  -  b. 1.8.1878; d. 28.3.1883, Rockhampton, QLD.
iv.                 Fanny Maude4  -  b. 30.10.1880.
v.                   Florence May4  -  b. 20.12.1882.
vi.                 Frederick William4  -  b. 5.10.1884, Rockhampton; d. 1973 QLD. (reg. as Markcrou)
vii.               Mabel4  -  b. 1887, Paddington NSW.
viii.             Sydney4  -  b. 1889, Glebe NSW.
ix.                 Ivy Mascotte Joy4  -  b. 19.2.1894.
First Child of James Isaac3 – James Isaac4
 JAMES ISAAC5 MARKCROW (JAMES ISAAC4, JAMES ISSAC3, WILLIAM ISAAC2, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born 1875 in Brisbane Qld., and died 4 December 1943 in 16 Glover St Mosman NSW.  He married (1) ELLEN MATILDA CHAPLAIN 1 July 1905 in All Souls C of E Leichhardt.  She was born 4 April 1876 in Gulgong, and died 1907 in Leichhardt.  He married (2) MAUD M FOGORTY 1911 in Sydney.  He was a Tailor by trade He was buried in Catholic Cemetery Northern Suburbs.  Cause of Death: Myocardial degeneration, rheumatic valvular disease (central)  Informant at death: 4 December 1943, A. A. Waterhouse son in law  Residence: 8 August 1913, Naremburn NSW        (Ellen Chaplain is descended from Joseph Wright of First Fleet & Ellen Gott of Second Fleet)
31.              i.       JOYCE IRENE6 MARKCROW, b. 24 May 1906, 84 Foster St Leichhardt; d. 23 December 1993, Cabbage Tree Rd Mona Vale.
32.             ii.       JAMES JOSEPH MARKCROW, b. 18 October 1907; d. 2 October 1950.       
                 iii.       GORDON F6 MARKCROW, b. 1912; d. 1934. Cause of Death: appendicitis
                 iv.       EILEEN MARY MARKCROW, b. 1913; m. ALFRED EDMUND PENFOLD, 1946.
Second Child of James Isaac3  Deceased as an infant.
Third Child of James Isaac3  -  Henry William4
Fourth Child of James Isaac3  -  Fanny Maude4
Fanny Maude4 Markcrow (James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) was born in 1881.  She married Cecil T. WOOD in 1905.
                Children of Fanny and Cecil are:
i.                     Leslie Turton5 Wood – b. 1905;  m. Olga Chandler in 1926;
ii.                   Reginald Charles (Fonney)5 Wood – b.
iii.                 Stanley Wood5 – b.
iv.                 Walter5 Wood – b.
v.                   Allan5 Wood – b.
vi.                 Alice5 Wood – b.
vii.               Sydney5 Wood – b.
viii.             Keith5 Wood – b.
ix.                 Ivy Irene5 Wood – b.
Fifth Child of James Isaac3
Florence May4 Markcrow had a baby girl May Dorien b. 11.1.1901 in QLD (as Markerow); d. 3.3.1901.
Sixth Child of James Isaac3 
Frederick William4 Markcrow (James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Vera Elizabeth BROOKER on 9.6.1911 in West Maitland, NSW.  They divorced in 1949-50.  Frederick was a Cycle Mechanic and owned his own shop.  He lost it gambling.  (Personal reference, Vera married Thomas Williams in 1950.  She died in 1972 in Sydney).
Children of Frederick and Vera are:
i.                     John James (Jack)5  -  b. 25.12.1912;  d. 19.3.1959, Sydney.
John James5 Markcrow (Frederick William4, James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Iris Marie (Molly) ROGAN on 23.8.1938 in Sydney.  Jack was a Boilermaker.  Molly died on 13.5.1985.
Children of Jack and Molly are:
i.                     Francis John6  -  b. 22.9.1939, Sydney.
ii.                   Robert James6  -  b. 5.7.1942, Sydney.
iii.                 Peter Robert6  -  b. 14.10.1946.
First child of John James5
Francis John6 (Frank) Markcrow (John James5, Frederick William4, James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Patricia Joan (Tric) ROBINSON on 7.7.1962 in Junee, NSW.  Patricia is the daughter of Richard Robinson and Sylvia Smith.  They divorced in 1992.  Frank then married Barbara Elizabeth DONALD (nee Dixon) on 10.6.1994.  Frank was an Army Aviation Officer, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He served in Vietnam.  He then became ……. With Airshows Downunder at Avalon Victoria.
Children of Francis and Patricia are:
i.                     Deborah Anne7  -  b. 3.8.1963, Williamstown, VIC.
ii.                   Karen Marie7  -  b. 29.6.1967, Melbourne, VIC.
iii.                 Christopher John7  -  3.6.1969, Brisbane, QLD.
First child of Francis6
Deborah Anne7 (Debbie) Markcrow (Francis John6, John James5, Frederick William4, James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1)  married Lawrence Dugald STEWART on 14.4.1984 at Duntroon Military Chapel, Canberra.  They divorced in 1992.  Debbie then married Cameron Glen BARTKOWSKI on 11.9.1993 at Commonwealth Park Gardens, Canberra.  Cameron is the son of Glen Bartkowski and Joy Webster. 
                Children of Debbie and Cameron are:
i.                     Gemma Anne8 Bartkowski  -  b. 1.1.1997, JJMH Canberra
ii.                   Serena Dee8    Bartkowski  -  b. 18.9.1998, JJMH Canberra
iii.                 Kyah Camryn8 Bartkowski  -  b. 5.7.2000, JJMH Canberra
Second child of Francis6
Karen Marie7 Markcrow married Christopher Paul YOUNG on 25.4.1997 at Hume, ACT.  Chris is the son of …… 
                Children of Karen and Christopher are:
i.                     Alicia Nicole8 Young   -  b. 22.11.2002, Logan Hospital, Brisbane, QLD.
ii.                   Jodie Mikaela8 Young -  b. 15.10.2004, Logan Hospital, Brisbane, QLD}
iii.                 Daniel Lucas8 Young -   b.  15.10.2004, Logan Hospital, Brisbane, QLD}twins
Third child of Francis6
Christopher John7 (Chris) Markcrow married Kathleen Mary (Kate) DRURY on 30.9.1995 at St John’s Catholic church, Kippax, ACT.  Kate is the daughter of John Drury and Ann McQuarry.  Chris was in the Air Force before becoming a Federal Police Officer in Canberra in 1997.
                Children of Christopher and Kathleen are:
i.                     Timothy John8  -  b. 24.12.1992, Calvary Hospital, Canberra.
ii.                   Laura Anne8  -  b. 6.9.1996, Calvary Hospital, Canberra.
iii.                 Sophie Patricia8  -  b. 9.3.1999, Calvary Hospital, Canberra.     }
iv.                 Harry Christopher8  -  b. 9.3.1999, Calvary Hospital, Canberra.}twins
Second child of John James5
Robert James6 (Rob) Markcrow (John James5, Frederick William4, James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Lynette Margaret McCABE on 25.1.1964 at Drummoyne, Sydney, NSW.  Lyn is the daughter of …….  Rob was employed his whole working life with Qantas (formerly Australian Airlines and TAA).
Children of Robert and Lynette are:
i.                     Suzanne Lynette7  -  b. 8.8.1968, Sydney.
ii.                   Paul7  -  b. 14.8.1971, Sydney.
First child of Robert6
Suzanne is unmarried.
                Second child of Robert6
Paul is unmarried, his partner is Holly …..
Third child of John James5
Peter Robert6 Markcrow (John James5, Frederick William4, James Isaac3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Heather Nancy SKINNER on 29.8.1972 in Sydney.  Heather is the daughter of ……………
Children of Peter and Heather are:
i.                     Julie7  -  b. 2.11.1972, Randwick, Sydney NSW.
ii.                   Kathryn7  -  b. 8.4.1980, Randwick, Sydney NSW.
First child of Peter6
Julie is unmarried.
                Second child of Peter6
Kathryn Leanne7 Markcrow married Shane Matthew COLLINS on 20.3.2004 at Moss Vale, NSW.  Shane (b. 8.10.1972) is the son of Alan and Beverley Collins.
Children of James3 and Ellen are:
i.                     Joyce Irene.4  -  b. 1906;  d 1993
ii.                   James Joseph4  -  b. 1907; d.
Children of James3 and Maude are:
i.                     Gordon F.4  -  b. 1912, Sydney;  d. 1934, Sydney.
ii.                   Eileen M.4  -  B. 1913, Sydney;  d.
Seventh child of James Isaac3
Mabel H.4 Markcrow married Thomas A. BROWN in 1908 at Waterloo, Sydney NSW.
Children of Mabel4 and Thomas are:
i.                     Grace I.E.5 Markcrow  -  b. 1907 Sydney; d. 1908 Waterloo NSW.
Eighth child of James Isaac3  -  Sydney Markcrow
Ninth child of James Isaac3 
Ivy Mascotte4 Markcrow married Henry James KANN on 14.8.1912 in Brisbane QLD.  Henry was the son of Edward Francis Kann and Rose Anna Dunne.  He died on 4.12.1948.  Ivy died on 10.1.1987.  They had no children.


Third child of James Isaac2 - WILLIAM ISAAC
William Isaac3 Markcrow (James Isaac2, William Isaac1) was born in 1854 in Camden Town Middlesex UK and died 9.2.1916.  He married Harriet POLLARD in 1878 at Bathurst, NSW.  She was the daughter of William Pollard and Mary Ann.  Harriet died in 1936 at Hurstville, NSW.   DEATH IN A TRAM
William had been one of the witnesses to the burial of his father in 1906 and had been living at Annandale at the time.
Children of William and Harriet are:
i.                     Sydney Loftus4  -  b. 1880, Sydney NSW.
ii.                   Ethel M.4  -  b. 1881, Sydney NSW.
iii.                 George Henry4  -  b. 1884, Sydney;  d. 1936, Marrickville NSW.
iv.                 Amelia Carrington.4  -  b. 1886, Glebe NSW.
v.                   Charles William.4  -  b. 1888, Glebe NSW.
vi.                 Hercules N.4  -  b. 1890;  d. 1890, Glebe NSW.
vii.               Elizabeth Margaret.4  -  b. 1891, Glebe NSW.
viii.             Frederick Robert.4  -  b. 1893, Glebe NSW.
First child of William3
Second child of William3
Ethel M - never married - (lived with her brother Charlie) died 16 November 1971
Third child of William3
George Henry4 married Matilda A. COBAINE in 1914 in Sydney NSW.
Children of George and Matilda are:
i.                     George N.5 Markcrow  -  b. 1914, Glebe NSW;  d. 1916, Annandale NSW.
ii.                   Phillis A.5 Markcrow  -  b. 1915, Glebe NSW d. 2006
iii.                 Nancy J.5 Markcrow  -  b.1917, Hurstville NSW.
Fourth child of William3
Amelia C.4 (Millie) Markcrow  married Patrick J. HYNES in 1921 in Hurstville Sydney NSW.
Fifth child of William3
Charles William - bachelor (lived with sister Et) died 16 November 1955.  He is a WW1 Veteran serving in the 13th Battalion.
Sixth child of William3
 Hercules N. died as a infant.
Seventh child of William3
 Elizabeth Margaret married Horace HALL 1914, d
Eighth child of William3
Frederick R.4 Markcrow married Madge G. IRWIN in 1916 in Petersham NSW.  Madge is the daughter of James C.J. and Emily S. Irwin.  He is a WWI Veteran. Private. 15549. No.2 Sea Transport Service AAMC
                Children of Frederick and Madge are:
                i.              Eric James5 Markcrow -  b. 1918, Petersham NSW;  d.


Fourth child of James Isaac3 Fanny Markcrow

1.  FANNY4 MARKCROW  (JAMES ISSAC3, WILLIAM ISAAC2, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born August 1855 in Kingston Upon Hull Yorkshire, and died 31 August 1856 in Kingston Upon Hull Yorkshire.  Believed to have been named for grandfather William Isaac's second wife Fanny.

 More About FANNY MARKCROW: Cause of Death: diarreohea & fever, duration of each five days & seven days. Fanny's death was certified she was aged just 11 months



Fifth child of James Isaac2  - Frederick Markcrow.  

1.  FREDERICK4 MARKCROW  (JAMES ISSAC3, WILLIAM ISAAC2, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born 6 July 1856 at 12 Kingston St in Kingston Upon Hull Yorkshire, and died July 1933 in Marrickville NSW.


His great nephew Richard Owens states that Fred went to Mount Morgan (38 kilometres south of Rockhampton) as a teenager seeking work as a miner and didn’t return until well into his twenties.  In 1870 gold was found, although mining did not start until 1882. 

Fred never married and it is believed he lived with his parents, following the death of his mother he moved to Sydney where he lived with his sister Florrie and her family.  He would wear a claw hammer coat and top hat and liked to frequent auctions.  He was found under his bed after suffering a stroke.   He can be seen in the attached photo on the extreme right with his brother in law George F Young,  nephews George and Jack, niece Alice and sister Florence.  Photo taken about 1919 at No. 2 Marinea St Arncliffe. 

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Sixth child of James Isaac3

Descendants of Frances (Fanny) Markcrow

1.  Fanny4 Markcrow   (JAMES ISSAC3, WILLIAM ISAAC2, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born 19 December 1857 in 12 Kingston Street Hull, and died 1946 in Marrickville, NSW.  She married FRANCISTHOMAS MACCARTY 1884 in Newtown.  Registration No.: 1884, 2837


Birth certificate gives name as Frances, however always known to the family as Fanny.


                   i.       MARGARET A5 MACCARTY, b. 1886; d. 1893, Randwick.

                  ii.       CATHERINE R MACCARTY, b. 1887, Glebe; d. Unknown, ?; m. GEORGE ETCELL, 1901, Sydney; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?. Marriage: 1901, Sydney

                  iii.       ELIZABETH BEATRICE MACCARTY, b. 1890, Glebe; d. Unknown.

                  iv.       EDWARD JAMES MACCARTY, b. 1893, Sydney; d. 1968, Sydney.

  Notes for EDWARD JAMES MACCARTY:  Known as Ned, he remained a bachelor, his friend asked Dick Owens if he could write to him.  When Dick told his       mother she hit the roof.  BDM death index lists parents fore names as Thomas Francis & Fannie, death in Sydney. Registration No.: 1968, 4085

                   v.       HILDA MAY MACCARTY, b. 1895, Annandale; d. 1966, Burwood; m. STANLEY J OLIVER, 1919, Petersham; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.

   More About STANLEY OLIVER and HILDA MACCARTY:  Marriage: 1919, Petersham  Registration No.: 1919, 6059

                  vi.       ELSIE IRENE GERTRUDE MACCARTY, b. 1897; d. Unknown, ?; m. ROBERT GEORGE LESTER, 1944, Goulburn; b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?.


   Marriage: 1944, Goulburn  Registration No.: 1944, 22651

                vii.       MARGARET M MACCARTY, b. 1902.

Generation No. 2



                   i.       MAVIS JUNE6 RINGSTAD, m. THOMAS HENDERER, 1945, Auburn.


 Seventh child of James Isaac2 - Edward3 Markcrow
Descendants of Edward William Markcrow & Jane Clay 
Generation No. 1
        1.  Edward William4 Markcrow  (James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 15 December 1859 in Kingston Upon Hull Yorkshire1, and died 1925 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Jane Clay 24 December 1881 in Rockhampton.  She was born 29 August 1862 in Nottingham UK, and died 16 September 1949 in Ipswich Qld. 
 Queensland Railway Employees, June 1890 - June 1901 - Removals
Markcrow, E. 03 Mar 1890 Central Railway, Locomotive Dept Striker 8 shillings per day 1890 Vol 3 pg 535.   details from
More About Edward William Markcrow:
Residence: 1861, 12 Kingston St Hull Yorkshire England
Sport: 1882, Winner of sculling race with R Robertson.
Children of Edward Markcrow and Jane Clay are:
        2                 i.               Edward W5 Markcrow, born Abt. 1882 in Qld ; died 22 June 1891 in Rockhampton Qld Australia.
More About Edward W Markcrow:
Age at death: 1891, 9 years registered as "Markerow"
Burial: June 1891, Methodist section Rockhampton Cem Sect 40 Gr 784
+      3                ii.               Clara Jane Markcrow, born 8 November 1884 in Rockhampton Qld; died 24 September 1957 in Ipswich Qld.
        4               iii.               Frederick Markcrow, born Abt. 1888 in Rockhampton Qld; died 6 October 1895 in Rockhampton Qld.
More About Frederick Markcrow:
Burial: October 1895, Methodist section Rockhampton Cem Sect 40 Gr 912
        5               iv.               James Isaac Markcrow, born 26 May 1889 in Rockhampton Qld Australia; died 7 March 1890 in Rockhampton Qld Australia.
More About James Isaac Markcrow:
Burial: March 1890, Methodist section Rockhampton Cem
        6                v.               William Isaac Markcrow, born 21 January 1891; died 16 September 1908.
+      7               vi.               Albert Edward Markcrow, born 11 February 1893 in Brisbane; died 23 June 1938.
        8              vii.               Fanny Georgina Markcrow, born 19 March 1895.  She married Joseph Bullock 18 January 1913.
        9             viii.               Edward William Markcrow, born 26 February 1897; died ? in Brisbane.  He married Delia Bridget ?; died in Brisbane.
        10              ix.               Florence Ann Markcrow, born 19 March 1899.
        11               x.               Maggie Markcrow, born 9 May 1901 in Rockhampton Qld Australia; died 19 May 1901 in Rockhampton Qld Australia.
                                             Burial: May 1901, Methodist section Rockhampton Cem Sect 40 Gr 1112 
+      12              xi.               Maud Elizabeth Markerow, born 30 December 1902 in Rockhampton Qld; died 1991 in Ipswich Qld.
+      13             xii.               May Victoria Markcrow, born 30 June 1905 in Ipswich Qld; died 15 July 1984 in Ipswich Qld.
 Generation No. 2
        3.  Clara Jane5 Markcrow (Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 8 November 1884 in Rockhampton Qld, and died 24 September 1957 in Ipswich Qld.  She married (2) James Cecil Richards 14 August 1907 in Ipswich Qld.  He was born in Ipswich Qld, and died 16 June 1961.
 Occupation: Carpenter
Child of Clara Jane Markcrow is:
+      14               i.               Albert Edward6 Marckrow, born 20 May 1904 in Brisbane Qld.; died 13 December 1966 in Qld.
Children of Clara Markcrow and James Richards are:
        15               i.               Leslie James6 Richards, born 22 September 1907 in Ipswich Qld.
        16              ii.               Edna May Richards, born in Ipswich Qld.
        17             iii.               Harold Eward Richards, born in Ipswich Qld.
+      18             iv.               Gladys Elizabeth Richards, born 16 November 1920 in Ipswich Qld.
        7.  Albert Edward5 Markcrow (Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 11 February 1893 in Brisbane, and died 23 June 1938.  He married Doris. 
More About Albert Edward Markcrow:
Military service: 15 February 1916, WW1 enlisted
Registration No.: 1938, as Markerow
Child of Albert Markcrow and Doris is:
        19               i.               Betty Georgiana6 Markcrow, born Abt. 1930.
Betty is living in Birmingham England and until January 2007 was not aware of family in Australia. 
        12.  Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow (Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 30 December 1902 in Rockhampton Qld, and died 1991 in Ipswich Qld.  She married James Tupper 29 December 1930 in Ipswich.  He was born 11 July 1907 in Ipswich Qld, and died 1958 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Maud Elizabeth Markerow:Occupation: Seamstress
 More About James Tupper: Occupation: taxi driver       
Children of Maud Markerow and James Tupper are:
+      20               i.               Desmond James6 Tupper, born 2 July 1931 in Ipswich Qld; died 9 September 1976.
+      21              ii.               Shirley Edith Tupper, born 23 November 1932 in Ipswich Qld.
+      22             iii.               Valma Jane Tupper, born 23 November 1935 in Ipswich Qld; died 30 May 1985 in Ipswich Qld.
+      23             iv.               James Tupper, born 22 August 1939 in Ipswich Qld.
+      24              v.               Lorraine Margaret Tupper, born 20 December 1942 in Ipswich Qld; died 3 January 1991.
        13.  May Victoria5 Markcrow (Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 30 June 1905 in Ipswich Qld, and died 15 July 1984 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Charles Eric Vogler 23 December 1925.  He was born 3 January 1902, and died 31 May 1968.
Children of May Markcrow and Charles Vogler are:
        25               i.               Gloria Mary6 Vogler, born 26 November 1927 in Ipswich Qld.
+      26              ii.               Selwyn Charles Vogler, born 17 September 1929 in Ipswich Qld; died 25 October 1993 in Ipswich Qld.
        27             iii.               Joyce Eleanor Vogler, born 18 October 1931 in Ipswich Qld.  She married ? Hill.
+      28             iv.               Raymond Francis Vogler, born 29 September 1933 in Ipswich Qld.
        29              v.               Trevor James Vogler, born 22 December 1937 in Ipswich Qld.

Generation No. 3
        14.  Albert Edward6 Marckrow (Clara Jane5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 20 May 1904 in Brisbane Qld., and died 13 December 1966 in Qld.  He married Charlotte Annie Loose 21 December 1933 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich, daughter of Carl Loose and Wilhemina Eleisner.  She was born 26 September 1907 in Laidley Qld, and died 19 May 1960 in Qld.
More About Albert Edward Marckrow:
Occupation: Labourer
Children of Albert Marckrow and Charlotte Loose are:
+      30               i.               Graham Edward7 Markcrow, born 18 June 1936 in Ipswich Qld.
        31              ii.               Ramon John Markcrow, born 13 April 1941.
        18.  Gladys Elizabeth6 Richards (Clara Jane5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 16 November 1920 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Vincent McNamara 20 December 1945 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  He was born 15 September 1918 in Ipswich Qld.
Child of Gladys Richards and Vincent McNamara is:
+      32               i.               Glenn Vincent7 McNamara, born 24 October 1946.
        20.  Desmond James6 Tupper (Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 2 July 1931 in Ipswich Qld, and died 9 September 1976.  He married Dorothy Lorraine Mitchell 23 October 1954 in Presbyterian Church Ipswich.  She was born 12 March 1936 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Desmond James Tupper:
Occupation: Stationary Engine Driver
More About Dorothy Lorraine Mitchell:
Occupation: Secretary 
Children of Desmond Tupper and Dorothy Mitchell are:
+      33               i.               Kerry James7 Tupper, born 9 September 1955 in Ipswich Qld.
+      34              ii.               Jo-Anne Morrell Tupper, born 14 April 1957 in Ipswich Qld.
        21.  Shirley Edith6 Tupper (Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 23 November 1932 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Colin James Spelleken 21 August 1954 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  He was born 23 March 1927 in Churchill Qld.
More About Shirley Edith Tupper:
Occupation: Cashier & shop assistant
More About Colin James Spelleken:
Occupation: Butcher
Children of Shirley Tupper and Colin Spelleken are:
+      35               i.               Gregory James7 Spelleken, born 21 November 1957 in Ipswich Qld.
+      36              ii.               Bradley James Spelleken, born 29 January 1962 in Ipswich Qld.
        37             iii.               Mark James Spelleken, born 2 March 1967 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Mark James Spelleken:
Occupation: Boilermaker
School: Ipswich Qld
        22.  Valma Jane6 Tupper (Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 23 November 1935 in Ipswich Qld, and died 30 May 1985 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Norman David McCoombes 4 September 1954 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  He was born 30 August 1931 in Churchill, Ipswich Qld.
More About Valma Jane Tupper:
Occupation: Shop assistant
More About Norman David McCoombes:
Occupation: Butcher
Children of Valma Tupper and Norman McCoombes are:
+      38               i.               Lynette Faye7 McCoombes, born 17 February 1955 in Ipswich Qld.
        39              ii.               Leanne Maree McCoombes, born 8 May 1956 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Leanne Maree McCoombes:
Occupation: Tailoress
+      40             iii.               Daryl Norman McCoombes, born 3 February 1958 in Ipswich Qld.
+      41             iv.               Robyn Lee McCoombes, born 7 February 1960 in Ipswich Qld.
        23.  James6 Tupper (Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 22 August 1939 in Ipswich Qld.  He married (1) Doreen Frost in Congregational Church, East St, Ipswich.    He married (2) Margaret Helen Morgan 21 May 1976 in Wanganui Gardens, Yeronga, Brisbane.  She was born 4 January 1955 in Mt Isa Qld.
More About James Tupper:
Occupation: Fitter
Child of James Tupper and Doreen Frost is:
        42               i.               Scott James7 Tupper, born 19 August 1971.
Children of James Tupper and Margaret Morgan are:
        43               i.               Kassie Rae7 Tupper, born 6 May 1981 in Brisbane Qld..
        44              ii.               Shannon Bree Tupper, born 27 January 1984 in Brisbane.
        45             iii.               Jamie Lee Tupper, born 17 November 1987 in Brisbane.
        24.  Lorraine Margaret6 Tupper (Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 20 December 1942 in Ipswich Qld, and died 3 January 1991.  She married Alan Berich in Ipswich. 
More About Lorraine Margaret Tupper:
Occupation: Shop assistant
More About Alan Berich:
Occupation: Tiler
Children of Lorraine Tupper and Alan Berich are:
        46               i.               Darren7 Berich, born 1 June 1965 in Brisbane Qld..
More About Darren Berich:
Occupation: Clerk
+      47              ii.               Rayelene Berich, born 3 December 1967 in Brisbane Qld..
        26.  Selwyn Charles6 Vogler (May Victoria5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 17 September 1929 in Ipswich Qld, and died 25 October 1993 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Bonnie Clair McCrea 4 August 1951 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  She was born 21 October 1932 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Selwyn Charles Vogler:
Occupation: Miner
School: Christian Bros.
More About Bonnie Clair McCrea:
Occupation: Weaver / Housewife
Children of Selwyn Vogler and Bonnie McCrea are:
+      48               i.               Grant Charles7 Vogler, born 29 April 1953 in Ipswich Qld.
+      49              ii.               Donna Marie Vogler, born 23 April 1955 in Ipswich Qld.
        50             iii.               Paul Stanley Vogler, born 5 December 1956 in Ipswich Qld; died 17 June 1978 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Sharlyn Coles; born in Ipswich Qld.
More About Paul Stanley Vogler:
Cause of Death: Car Crash
Occupation: Council Employee
+      51             iv.               Tanya Clair Vogler, born 31 January 1962.
        28.  Raymond Francis6 Vogler (May Victoria5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 29 September 1933 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Dorothy May McMahon 18 June 1956 in Sacred Heart Booval.  She was born 6 May 1934 in Blackstone, Ipswich Qld.
More About Raymond Francis Vogler:
Occupation: Miner
More About Dorothy May McMahon:
Occupation: Housewife
Children of Raymond Vogler and Dorothy McMahon are:
+      52               i.               Colleen Joy7 Vogler, born 15 February 1956.
        53              ii.               Ross Michael Vogler, born 23 October 1957.
        54             iii.               Scott Raymond Vogler, born 9 October 1964.
Generation No. 4
        30.  Graham Edward7 Markcrow (Albert Edward6 Marckrow, Clara Jane5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 18 June 1936 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Enid Beryl Brigginshaw 20 September 1958 in All Saints C of E Booval Qld.  She was born 21 March 1936 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Graham Edward Markcrow:
Military service: 1955, 1/714679   11 NST Battalion   1/1955  Wacol Qld   20 Medical Regt Greenbank Ips
Children of Graham Markcrow and Enid Brigginshaw are:
        55               i.               Peter John8 Markcrow, born 23 March 1962 in Brisbane Qld..  He married Sonya Jean Brown 30 June 1984 in Uniting Church East St Ipswich Qld; born 24 January 1964 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Peter John Markcrow:
Occupation: Fitter
School: Bundamba State High
More About Sonya Jean Brown:
Occupation: Secretary
School: Central State Bremer High
        56              ii.               Annette Kathryn Markcrow, born 22 March 1964 in Southport Qld.  She married David Gilbert 17 October 1987 in Uniting Church Ellenborough St Ipswich Qld.
More About Annette Kathryn Markcrow:
Occupation: Clerk Shop Assistant
School: Bundamba State High
More About David Gilbert:
Occupation: Fitter
        57             iii.               Timothy Edward Markcrow, born 5 July 1967 in Brisbane Qld..  He married Heather Louise Jean Palmer May 2001 in Registry office; born 4 December 1975.
More About Timothy Edward Markcrow:
Occupation: Electrician
School: Bundamba State High
More About Heather Louise Jean Palmer:
Occupation: childcare
School: Lowood
        58             iv.               Kenneth James Markcrow, born 9 February 1972 in Ipswich Qld.  He met Toni Michelle Chandler; born 4 June 1972 in Brisbane Qld..
More About Kenneth James Markcrow:
Occupation: Fitter & Turner
School: Bundamba State High
More About Toni Michelle Chandler:
Occupation: Govt. employed Uni Graduate.
School: Inala
        32.  Glenn Vincent7 McNamara (Gladys Elizabeth6 Richards, Clara Jane5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 24 October 1946.  He married Valerie Joyce Noble 3 March 1973 in Ipswich Methodist Ellenborough.  She was born 23 January in Ipswich Qld.
More About Glenn Vincent McNamara:
Occupation: Fitter
School: Boys Central Ipswich
More About Valerie Joyce Noble:
Occupation: Nurses Aid
Children of Glenn McNamara and Valerie Noble are:
        59               i.               Noel Vincent8 McNamara, born 3 April 1977 in Ipswich Qld.
        60              ii.               Bruce John McNamara, born 2 April 1980 in Ipswich Qld.
        33.  Kerry James7 Tupper (Desmond James6, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 9 September 1955 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Diane Margaret Harding 16 January 1976 in Wanganui Gardens Brisbane, Queensland.  She was born 12 October 1955 in Brisbane Qld..
More About Kerry James Tupper:
Occupation: Fireman
More About Diane Margaret Harding:
Occupation: Teacher
Children of Kerry Tupper and Diane Harding are:
        61               i.               Joshua James8 Tupper, born 4 July 1984 in Brisbane.
        62              ii.               Brock Mitchell Tupper, born 11 November 1986 in Brisbane.
        34.  Jo-Anne Morrell7 Tupper (Desmond James6, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 14 April 1957 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Greg Bess 16 December 1978 in Brisbane, Queensland.  He was born 16 December 1954 in Brisbane.
More About Greg Bess:
Occupation: Carpenter
School: Wilston, Brisbane
Children of Jo-Anne Tupper and Greg Bess are:
        63               i.               Renee Lourene8 Bess, born 1 December 1983 in Brisbane.
        64              ii.               Morgan Morrell Bess, born 14 July 1986 in Brisbane.
        35.  Gregory James7 Spelleken (Shirley Edith6 Tupper, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 21 November 1957 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Sandra Rose Williams 21 July 1984 in Ipswich.  She was born 12 August 1956 in Melbourne Vic..
More About Gregory James Spelleken:
Occupation: Motor Trimmer
School: Central State Bremer High
More About Sandra Rose Williams:
Occupation: Pharmacy assistant
School: Leichhardt Primary, Ipswich High
Children of Gregory Spelleken and Sandra Williams are:
        65               i.               Casey Marie8 Spelleken, born 28 September 1985.
        66              ii.               Michael Gregory Spelleken, born 27 November 1988.
        36.  Bradley James7 Spelleken (Shirley Edith6 Tupper, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 29 January 1962 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Deborah Bouter 23 July 1983 in Ipswich.  She was born 28 April 1962 in Holland, Netherlands.
More About Bradley James Spelleken:
Occupation: Meatworker
More About Deborah Bouter:
Occupation: Machinist
Children of Bradley Spelleken and Deborah Bouter are:
        67               i.               Anthony James8 Spelleken, born 1 December 1988.
        68              ii.               Brett James Spelleken, born 20 October 1990.
        38.  Lynette Faye7 McCoombes (Valma Jane6 Tupper, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 17 February 1955 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Frank Pinwill Appleton 28 September 1973 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  He was born 4 February 1939 in Monto, Qld.
More About Lynette Faye McCoombes:
Occupation: Laboratory assistant
School: Ipswich State High
More About Frank Pinwill Appleton:
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Children of Lynette McCoombes and Frank Appleton are:
        69               i.               Simone Peta8 Appleton, born 24 March 1975 in Ipswich Qld.
        70              ii.               Steven David Appleton, born 11 June 1977 in Manly NSW.
        71             iii.               Christopher Nathan Appleton, born 20 December 1978 in Manly NSW.
        40.  Daryl Norman7 McCoombes (Valma Jane6 Tupper, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 3 February 1958 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Catherine Susanne Denning 20 December 1980 in Methodist Church Ipswich.  She was born 24 January 1961 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Daryl Norman McCoombes:
Occupation: Manager of Timber Yard
More About Catherine Susanne Denning:
Occupation: Clerical
Children of Daryl McCoombes and Catherine Denning are:
        72               i.               Rebecca Emily8 McCoombes, born 30 September 1986 in Ipswich Qld.
        73              ii.               Justin Daniel McCoombes, born 1 February 1991 in Ipswich Qld.
        41.  Robyn Lee7 McCoombes (Valma Jane6 Tupper, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 7 February 1960 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Allen Tomas Simpson 28 November 1981 in Ipswich.  He was born 11 September 1954 in Perth WA.
More About Robyn Lee McCoombes:
Occupation: Secretary / RAAF
School: Central Girls
More About Allen Tomas Simpson:
Occupation: RAAF
School: Morley Park WA
Children of Robyn McCoombes and Allen Simpson are:
        74               i.               Michael Tomas8 Simpson, born 17 December 1982 in Ipswich Qld.
        75              ii.               Debbie Lee Simpson, born 9 October 1986 in Werribee Vic.
        47.  Rayelene7 Berich (Lorraine Margaret6 Tupper, Maud Elizabeth5 Markerow, Edward William4 Markcrow, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 3 December 1967 in Brisbane Qld..
Child of Rayelene Berich is:
        76               i.               Melita Rae8 Berich, born 29 October 1990 in Nambour Qld.
        48.  Grant Charles7 Vogler (Selwyn Charles6, May Victoria5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 29 April 1953 in Ipswich Qld.  He married Kathryn Veronica Tate 2 November 1974 in Immaculant Heart Ipswich.  She was born 2 February 1957 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Grant Charles Vogler:
Occupation: Miner
More About Kathryn Veronica Tate:
School: St Mary
Children of Grant Vogler and Kathryn Tate are:
        77               i.               Clinton Charles8 Vogler, born 26 March 1975.
        78              ii.               Luke John Vogler, born 22 May 1977.
        79             iii.               Katie Madonna Vogler, born 14 October 1980.
        80             iv.               Tamara Anne Vogler.
        49.  Donna Marie7 Vogler (Selwyn Charles6, May Victoria5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 23 April 1955 in Ipswich Qld.  She married Winston Anderson 28 August 1978 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  He was born 13 April 1957 in Ipswich Qld.
More About Donna Marie Vogler:
Occupation: Machinist
School: Silkstone State
More About Winston Anderson:
Occupation: Truck driver
School: Church Hill
Children of Donna Vogler and Winston Anderson are:
        81               i.               Nathan Alf8 Anderson, born 20 October 1982 in Ipswich Qld.
        82              ii.               Lee Paul Anderson, born 12 April 1985 in Ipswich Qld.
        83             iii.               Corine May Anderson, born 15 September 1986 in Ipswich Qld.
        51.  Tanya Clair7 Vogler (Selwyn Charles6, May Victoria5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 31 January 1962.  She married Gregory John Weier 19 April 1980 in St Pauls Cof E Ipswich.  He was born 11 July 1958 in Goomeri Qld.
More About Tanya Clair Vogler:
Occupation: Shop assistant
School: East Ipswich
More About Gregory John Weier:
Occupation: Formsetter
School: Red Gate
Children of Tanya Vogler and Gregory Weier are:
        84               i.               Megan Kim8 Weier, born 23 February 1982.
        85              ii.               Kieran John Weier, born 11 May 1989.
        52.  Colleen Joy7 Vogler (Raymond Francis6, May Victoria5 Markcrow, Edward William4, James Issac3, William Isaac2, William1) was born 15 February 1956.  She married Douglas Bevan Phipps 8 December 1979 in Sacred Heart Booval.  He was born 17 March 1950 in Lowood Qld.
More About Colleen Joy Vogler:
Occupation: Police Officer
More About Douglas Bevan Phipps:
Occupation: Farmer
School: Fernvale
Children of Colleen Vogler and Douglas Phipps are:
        86               i.               Rhett Douglas8 Phipps, born 19 April 1981 in Ipswich Qld.
        87              ii.               Julia Therese Phipps, born 25 May 1982 in Ipswich Qld.
        88             iii.               Ethan James Phipps, born 10 December 1986 in Gatton Qld..
1.  Birth date for Edward William, info from Joyce Hill 11/2/2007.
Eigth child of James Isaac2
Florence Nightingale3 Markcrow was born on 15.5.1861 in Hull, UK and died 27.8.1941 in NSW.  She married George Fitzwilliam Young on 30.8.1886 in Sydney NSW.  He is the son of David Young and Jane Cook.  Richard Owens recalls stories his grandmother told of living in a tent, of Ann gathering the children to her when the "blacks" aboriginals came around.  And of the "gins" being taken by crocodiles in the river when they went to wash.       
Children of Florence and George are:
i.                     Violet Pearl4 Young  -         b. 12.4.1887, Campbell St Glebe NSW; d. 1.3.1964, Sutherland Hospital, Caringbah       NSW.
                ii.            George Edward4 Young  -  b. 16.2.1889, George St, Goulburn NSW.
iii.           Alice Annie4 Young  -         b. 1893; d. 1940
iv.                 Jack Richmond.4 Young  -  b. 3.1.1896.  d 1939
First child of Florence3
Violet Pearl4 Young was born 12.4.1887 in Campbell St, Glebe Sydney NSW and died 1.3.1964 in Sutherland Hospital, Caringbah NSW.  She married Richard Ernest Owens on 12.9.1908 in Glebe Sydney, NSW (St John’s Bishopsgate), son of Robert Owens and Lavinia Bennett.
Children of Violet and Richard are:
i.                     Richard George5 Owens – b. 9.2.1921, Cronulla NSW. 
Richard5 married  Elsie Mavis Hunter 7.7.1945, Congregational Church Cronulla NSW.  Their children are:
i.                     Geoffrey Richard6 – b. 1946;
ii.                   Meegan Bronwyn6 – b. 28.11.1952;
First child of Richard George Owens
 Geoffrey married Jennifer Lynne Gormly 1977 at Haberfield Uniting Church.
Children of Geoffrey and Jennifer are:
i.                     Marc Richard7 – b. 1980;
    ii              Jacinda Lynne7 - b 1981
    Second child of Richard George Owens
    Meegan6 married Peter Colin Hodges   24.3.1972, Congregational Church Cronulla NSW
                    Children of Meegan6 and Peter  are:
    i.                     Jodi Elyse7 – b. 10.9.1974.
    ii.                   Rebekka Ellen7 – b.12.7. 1977.
    Second child of Florence3
    George Edward4 Young (Florence3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Catharine Francis Whaley on 25.9.1915, St Patrick’s Catholic Church Kogarah, NSW.
    Third child of Florence3
    Alice Annie4 Young  (Florence3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married William Brassey (aka Bruno Holzheuer)  in 1916 at Rockdale NSW.  Bruno is the son of Augusta Holzheuer.  He died in 1942.  Alice died in 1940.
    Fourth child of Florence3
    Jack Richmond.4 Young (Florence3, James Isaac2, William Isaac1) married Emily Picton in 1918 in Coonamble.
    Jack was for many years employed by the Railways and died near Manildra in 1939 as a result of a train accident leaving his wife and eight children.

     UK Line

     First child of William Isaac1
    Sarah Ann Marcrow

     Second child of William Isaac1
    Elizabeth Ann Marckrow - believed to have been known as Betsey and married Benjamin Metcalf

    Third child of William Isaac1
    Mary Ann Marckrow

     Fourth child of William Isaac1
    James Isaac Markcrow - emigrated with family to Australia

    Fifth child of William Isaac1
     Emma Markcrow - married George A Atkin
    Sixth child of William Isaac1
    Edward William2 Markcrow was born 1835.  He married Annie B.  (No details). He then married Matilda Baines possibly on 14.12.1871 at Clee Old, Lincoln, UK.  Edward died in 1916, UK.
    Children of Edward William and Matilda are:
    i.                     George Edward3 Markcrow  -  b. 1873;  d. 1965.
    ii.                    Maud3 Markcrow  -  b. 1835;  d. 1916, UK.
    iii.                   Bert3 Markcrow  -  b.
    First child of Edward William2
    George Edward3 Markcrow (Edward William2, William Isaac1) married Mary Blanchard.
    Children of George and Mary are:
    i.                     Elsie Mary 4 Markcrow  -  b. 1898.
    ii.                    Leonard Edward4 Markcrow  -  b. 1899.
    iii.                  George Philip4 Markcrow  -  b. 1901;  d. 1976.
    First child of George Edward 3
     Elsie Mary4 Markcrow (George Edward3, Edward William2, William Isaac1) was born 1898.  She married A. White
    Second child of George Edward 3
     Leonard Edward4 Markcrow (George Edward3, Edward William2, William Isaac1) was born 1899.  He married Ruth J. Porter in 1897 at Grimsby.
    Children of Leonard and Ruth J. Porter are:
    i.                     William5 Markcrow – b. 1931; m Sylvia Bagdasharian 1957; d 2003
    ii.                   James5 Markcrow – b. 1935.  m. Ina ?
                    Third child of George Edward3
    George Philip4 Markcrow (George Edward3, Edward William2, William Isaac1) was born 1901, and died 1976.  He married Catherine Mary Smith.
    Children of George and Catherine Smith are:
    i.                     Paul Radford.5 Markcrow – b. 1934; d.2005.
    ii.                   Catherine Lynnette.Hart.5 Markcrow – b. 1936.

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    First child of George4
    Paul Radford5 (George Philip4, George Edward3, Edward William2, William Isaac1) was born in 1934 UK.  He married Wendolyn (Wendy) Neil.  He died in 2005.  Wendy was charged with the manslaughter of Patrick in 2005.  She was not sentenced.
    Children of Paul and Wendy are:
    i.                     Patrick6 – b. 1969 d. 29.3.2005.
    ii.                   Martin6 – b.
    iii.                 Jonathon6 – b.
    Second child of Edward William2
    Bertie Augustus3 Markcrow.  b 1876 in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire. Died 1926 (National Burial Index)
    Third child of Edward William2
    Georgiana Maud3 Markcrow.  b. 1878 in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire
    Louisa  Jane Markcrow  - married Henry Bonney

    Georgina Markcrow
    - may have married Frederick Steer


    Descendants of James Larkin Markcrow

    Generation No. 1

    1.  JAMES LARKIN2 MARKCROW  (WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born November 1803 in Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, and died 21 June 1871 in 89 King Street Ramsgate.  He married (1) SARAH KING 7 June 1833.  She was born Abt. 1806 in Ramsgate Kent England 1851 census, and died Bet. 1843 - 1851.  He married (2) MARTHA BING 1853 in Elham, Kent 1st Qtr Vol 2a pg 871.  She was born 1816 in St Lawrence, and died 1900 in Canterbury.


    James Larkin Markcrow was born in Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent in 1804 to William and Maria Markcrow.  James married widow Sarah Kersey nee King on 7 June 1833.  In the 1839 Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory for Kent on page 111 under Taverns & Public Houses, is the following entry "Bell", James Larkins Markcrow, 55 King St. Ramsgate. The previous licensee was William Kersey possibly the first husband of James' wife Sarah.

    The 1841 Census of June 6th notes that James is living in King Street Ramsgate with his first wife Sarah Kersey (King) with them were Sarah's two daughters from first marriage, Sarah aged 14 and Susannah aged 12 together with their three daughters Georgiana 7, Eliza Jane 3, and Frances Elizabeth 1.  James' occupation is Victualler or Inn Keeper.  Their eldest daughter Matilda Maria is believed to have died in 1849 aged 14, although she is not on the 1841 census.

    I believe Sarah died in 1851(Mar Qtr vol 5 p357) prior to the census as James is shown as a widower, his daughters Georgiana 17, Eliza J 13 and Frances 10, together with son in law George Sewell the husband of stepdaughter Susannah 22 and their 1 month old son George junior.  James' occupation is Victualler, the address was given as Bell Inn, King St Ramsgate.  James was noted as being born in Queenborough, Kent.

    In 1853 James married Martha BING they had a daughter Emily Kate b 1854

    James continued as licensee of the Bell Inn until his death in 1871, at the time of the 1861 census James, wife Martha and his four daughters Georgiana 27, Eliza 23, Frances 21, and Emily 7 were living at the Inn.  Eliza married William Maxted in 1865 and moved to Saffron Walden in Essex 35 miles north of London.  In 1868 Georgiana married widower John Steer and moved to Southwood Terrace St Laurence, where they were living in 1871.

    In 1881 James' widow Martha and daughter Emily had moved to 20 Nunnery Fields, St Mary Bredin, Canterbury.  Frances was living at 35 Albert St Ramsgate with the Duff family as a lodger.

    The 1891 census shows Frances, who never married, was a patient at the Seamen's Infirmary 69 West Cliff Rd Ramsgate.  Her death was registered in Jun Qtr 1891.  Martha and Emily had moved to 13 Old Dover Road, St Mary Bredin, Canterbury.

    James Larkins Markcrow died on June 21st 1871 aged 67 years of Cystitis and Asthenia. (1)Inflammation of bladder 2)Weakness. May be a euphemism for pulmonary tuberculosis).  His death was certified.   Mary A Wood aged 50, (widow) of 93 King Street was present at his death, she was a laundress and lived 2 doors down from the Inn.  Mary was the informant at the registration of James' death.  Perhaps the rest of the family were away visiting.

    Number 89 King Street Ramsgate still has today "Bell" visible on the building.


    Cause of Death: 1) Cystitis  2) Asthenia.  certified.

    Christening: 4 December 1803, Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

    Death registered: 22 June 1871, Mary A Wood 93 King St Ramsgate (neighbour)

    Medical Information: 1)Inflammation of bladder2)Weakness. May be a euphemism for pulmonary tuberculosis

    Notation: 1840, Pigots 1840 Directory Section - Ramsgate & c

    Occupation: Bet. 1839 - 1871, Victualler / Licensed Victualler

    Present at death: Mary A Wood 93 King St Ramsgate (neighbour)

    Registration No.: 22 June 1871, Thanet, Kent   Vol 2a, pg 478 Jun

    Residence: Bet. 1839 - 1871, Bell Inn 89 King St Ramsgate



    Marriage: 7 June 1833


    Notes for MARTHA BING:

    Name Martha MARKCROW Relationship Head Condition W Gender F Age 63 Occupation Annuitant Birthplace St Lawrence, Kent, England Address 20 Nunnery Fields, Canterbury St Mary Bredin, Kent, England PRO ref RG11/0959 Folio 32 Page 3 FHL film no. 1341228   1881 census

    More About MARTHA BING:

    Christening: 11 August 1816, Kent


    Marriage: 1853, Elham, Kent 1st Qtr Vol 2a pg 871


    Children of JAMES MARKCROW and SARAH KING are:

    2.                i.       GEORGIANA3 MARKCROW, b. March 1834; d. 1875, Thanet, Kent   Vol 2a, pg 511 Dec.

                      ii.       MATILDA MARIA MARKCROW, b. July 1835, Ramsgate Kent; d. 1849, Possible .



    Markcrow  Matilda    I of Thanet  5 396  death possibly this one.



    Christening: 9 August 1835, Ramsgate Kent England


    3.              iii.       ELIZA JANE MARKCROW, b. December 1837; d. Unknown.

                      iv.       FRANCES ELIZABETH MARKCROW, b. March 1840, Ramsgate Kent England; d. September 1891, Ramsgate Kent England.



    Patient at Seaman's Infirmary at time of 1891 census, living on own means.  1891 census transcribes  name as MARKEROW.



    Census: 1891, Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 731; Folio 90; Page 8; GSU roll: 6095841

    Marital status: 1891, Single

    Occupation: 1881, Interest of money

    Residence: 1891, West Cliff Rd Seamans Infirmary Ramsgate

     Child of JAMES MARKCROW and MARTHA BING is:

                       v.       EMILY KATE3 MARKCROW, b. 1854, Thanet  2a 591  Mar Qtr 1854; d. 1911, Canterbury  2a 631 Mar Qtr.  age 57.



    1901 Housekeeper to John Newman (widower) and 5 children.

    Kent 1881 census

    2. Name Emily K. MARKCROW Relationship Daur Condition U Gender F Age 27 Occupation Clerk Birthplace Ramsgate, Kent, England Address 20 Nunnery Fields, Canterbury St Mary Bredin, Kent, England PRO ref RG11/0959 Folio 32 Page 3 FHL film no. 1341228


    Occupation: 1901, House keeper Domestic

    Residence: 1901, 94 Malmesbury Rd West Ham



    Generation No. 2


    2.  GEORGIANA3 MARKCROW (JAMES LARKIN2, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born March 1834, and died 1875 in Thanet, Kent   Vol 2a, pg 511 Dec.  She married JOHN STEER 1868 in 3rd Qtr 2a 1125 Thanet Kent.  He was born 1820 in Ripley, Surrey.


    More About JOHN STEER:

    Occupation: watchmaker & jeweller



    Marriage: 1868, 3rd Qtr 2a 1125 Thanet Kent


    Children of GEORGIANA MARKCROW and JOHN STEER are:

                       i.       ROBERT MARKCROW4 STEER, b. 1870, Thanet, Kent   Vol 2a, pg 801 Sep; d. 1870, Thanet, Kent   Vol 2a, pg 519 Sep.

                      ii.       GERTRUDE GEORGIANA STEER, b. 1872.



    Married either Alfred Edmund I Leroy Dec 1905 Surrey Hambledon 2a pg 345 or


    Ernest A Bettesworth Dec 1905 Surry Hambledon 2a pg 345


    believe to be the former having child Edmund John A Leroy b 3/5/1907 d Sep 1999.  named for father and grandfather ?????

    3.  ELIZA JANE3 MARKCROW (JAMES LARKIN2, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born December 1837, and died Unknown.  She married WILLIAM MAXTED September 1865 in Thanet Vol 2a pg 1078. 


    Eliza moved to Saffron Walden in Essex following her marriage and had 5 children.


    Marriage: September 1865, Thanet Vol 2a pg 1078

         Children of ELIZA MARKCROW and WILLIAM MAXTED are:

                       i.       WILLIAM4 MAXTED, b. 1866.

                      ii.       HARRY MAXTED, b. 1869.

    Maxted  Harry     Blean  2a 764


                     iii.       FLORENCE MAXTED, b. 1870.

     Notes for FLORENCE MAXTED:

    Born in Saffron Walden c 1870, in 1881 Florence is visiting Aunt Mary Ann (Maxted) & Uncle John Davey Hawkins at 11& 13 Queen Street Ramsgate.   In 1891 she is in High St Chesham Buckinghamshire with the family of Henry Bigg who was a Draper and was working as an assistant.  

     More About FLORENCE MAXTED:

    Registration No.: 1870,  Canterbury  2a 687  Sep Qtr


                      iv.       FREDERICK MAXTED, b. 1872.

                       v.       THOMAS MAXTED, b. 1874.


    More About THOMAS MAXTED:

    Registration No.: 1874, Saffron W.  4a 445 Sep Qtr





    Descendants of Henry Charles Markerow
     Generation No. 1

    1.  HENRY CHARLES2 MARKEROW  (WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born 1815 in Margate, Kent, and died 1871 in Isle of Thanet, Kent Vol 2a 476.  He married MATILDA BROWN 17 February 1838 in Sandwich, Kent, England.  She was born 1815 in Islworth, Middlesex, and died 1905 in Camberwell, London 3rd Qtr.


    Henry Charles Markerow was born in 1815 in Margate Kent, at the time of the 1841 census he was living with his mother Maria at Belle Vue Hill Road Ramsgate along with his wife Matilda and their two sons William and Henry and their 14 y.o. niece Sarah.  Henry was a Carpenter and his mother was a Green Grocer.  All except Matilda were noted as being born in Kent. (Source HO 107/469/3 pg 15.)

     In 1851 Henry and family comprising wife Matilda, son William 12, daughters Rosetta 9, Emely 7, Blanche 3 and Ada 1 were living in Camden Road St Georges Ramsgate.  According to the census of 30 March 1851 Henry was a builder employing 18 men and 4 boys.  They had a servant, 15 y.o. Jane Hodges.  There is an entry in FreeBDM for the death of a Henry Markerow for the Jun Qtr of 1846 Vol 5 p 335.  As there is no further mention in the following censuses it would appear that this is the 6 y.o. son of Henry and Matilda.  There is also a death entry for Emely Sep 1859 Vol 2a p 457 both in the Thanet registration district.

     According to the 1861 census of April 7, Henry and Matilda have are running Kent Brewery at 3 Camden Road, Ramsgate and is noted as being a Master Brewer employing 2 men.  Their son William is noted as a Brewer, whilst his siblings Rosetta, Blanche & Ada plus brother Ernest 8 are scholars.

     In 1871 the Brewery has changed names to Markcrow's Brewery and is between nos 7 & 5 Camden Rd next to the Maidstone Arms and Henry is now a retired brewer, William is away visiting his sister Rosetta, who had married William ROBINSON and their family.  Rosetta was living at the Goldsmiths Hall in London as her husband William was the assistant to the Deputy Warden, a position he was later to hold.  Rosetta had 3 sons Ada was visiting her Aunt Eliza West and cousin Georgiana Markcrow who lived in Finsbury.   Ernest was a carpenter and together with Blanche were at home at the time of the census. 

    Henry died later that year and his son Ernest died the following year.

     Sometime following Henry's death and prior to 1881 census, Matilda, Ada and William moved to Camberwell in London, probably to be closer to Rosetta and the grandchildren.  William also changed his profession to that of an Insurance Agent and they were living at 2 Chourmet Terrace Chourmet Road Camberwell.  It is believed that William died aged 48 in the Guildford registration district June 1887 Vo. 2a p38.

     On the night of the 1891 census, April 5, Matilda and Ada were visiting the Barton family of Peckham rye Camberwell therefore it is not known where they were residing.

     On March 31 1901 Matilda and Ada occupied two rooms at 28 Tyrrell Road Camberwell and were living on their own means.  Matilda was 89 and Ada 51.  Matilda died in Camberwell aged 94 Sept Qtr 1905 Vol 1d p 439.  At present I don't know when Ada died or whether she married, the same applies to her sister Blanche.

     Rosetta had 3 sons Herbert William, Sidney Charles and Walter Lawrence. Herbert and Sidney followed their fathers profession and became Assayers and together with their mother were still living at Goldsmiths Hall in 1901.  It is not known what happened to Walter and if any of the sons married and had children. 

     So of the eight children Henry and Matilda had I know of only one marrying and having children, all the sons died without issue hence this line of the Markcrow name died out.

    Children of HENRY MARKEROW and MATILDA BROWN are:

                       i.       WILLIAM3 MARKCROW, b. Abt. 1838, St Georges, Ramsgate; d. Unknown.


    isle of thanet 5 413 births 1838 3rd qtr

    1871 he is visiting his sister Rosetta Robinson in London.  On 1881 census with mother and sister Ada but not on 1891, believe to have died Jun Qtr 1887 Guildford 2a 38 aged 48.

                      ii.       HENRY MARKCROW, b. 1840.

    2.              iii.       ROSETTA MARKCROW, b. 1842, St Georges, Ramsgate.

                      iv.       EMILY MARKCROW, b. Abt. 1844; d. 1859.

    Christening: 17 March 1844, Ramsgate Kent England

                        v.       MATILDA MARKCROW, b. 1846; d. Unknown.

     Notes for MATILDA MARKCROW:

    IGI entry I023287  Christening: 8 April 1846, Ramsgate Kent

                       vi.       BLANCHE MARKCROW, b. 1848; d. Unknown.

    Christening: 13 August 1848, Ramsgate Kent England  

                     vii.       ADA MARKCROW, b. 1850, Ramsgate Kent; d. Unknown.

                    viii.       ERNEST MARKCROW, b. 1853; d. 1872, Isle of Thanet, Kent Vol 2a 509 1st Qtr. 

    Generation No. 2


    2.  ROSETTA3 MARKCROW (HENRY CHARLES2 MARKEROW, WILLIAM1 MARCKROW) was born 1842 in St Georges, Ramsgate.  She married WILLIAM ROBINSON 1866 in Thanet Kent  4th Qtr 2a 1464.  He was born 1831 in St Pancras, London, and died 1897 in London  .Christening: 20 November 1842, Ramsgate Kent England


    Death registered: September 1897, London City 1c 27

    Occupation: 1871, Assistant to Deputy warden Goldsmiths Hall


    Marriage: 1866, Thanet Kent  4th Qtr 2a 1464

          Children of ROSETTA MARKCROW and WILLIAM ROBINSON are:

                       i.       HERBERT WILLIAM4 ROBINSON, b. December 1867, City of London.

                      ii.       SYDNEY CHARLES ROBINSON, b. December 1869, City of London.

                     iii.       WALTER LAURENCE ROBINSON, b. December 1878.